GROWDynamics Leadership Summit 2020


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Part 1:  Online Modules

  • Cultural Understanding & Collaboration

  • Decision Making & Reasoning

Part 2:  Overseas Summit (Optional)

  • Credit-bearing

  • Corporate visit

  • Global network


From this unique two-part online and offline programme, operated by GROWDynamics and Edinburgh Business School, you will be fully prepared with both mindset and skills for leadership. 


You are encouraged to complete the two online modules to form strong leadership foundation, followed by an OPTION to attend the overseas summit in Edinburgh for an extended leadership programme supplemented by corporate visits in this second largest financial centre in the UK.  The cohort is to give especial understanding of the work of Adam Smith, and ends by considering how leaders and leadership can be developed.  It provides insights into current trends and future directions.

Those who pass the examination will have 20 credits from Heriot-Watt University towards a post-graduate qualification,

Programme Structure

Enrolment deadline


6 days in Edinburgh

Special Leadership Cohort based on Adam Smith


Lectures by business leaders

(non-credit bearing)

Corporate Visit

City Tour (Optional)

Online Module 1

Cultural Understanding and Collaboration

Online 9 hours

Online Module 2 

Decision Making and Reasoning

Online 9 hours

More about Panmure House

Adam Smith is a giant of intellectual thought. A key figure of the Scottish Enlightenment and the author of two of the most important books ever written on economics and moral philosophy, he deserves his place in the pantheon.


With Panmure House, there is a unique opportunity to engage with the leading figures in the fields of economics, social sciences and moral philosophies.  New ideas will flow through these walls as surely as they did in Smith’s day.


Key events at Panmure House: 

Panmure hosted an official visit of DRH the Duke of Forfar to discuss the expansion and beneifts of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme (July 2019)

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visited Panmure House.  Inspired by the visit, this project became the first thing discussed in her recent Ted talk (May 2019)

The Bank of Japan held an event within Panmure.  In attendance was Mr. Yukata Harada, senior memberof the Policy Board of the Bank (September 2019)

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AV Radhakrishnan
HR Head, a Global Consulting Firm