GROWDynamics Students Summit “Future Global Leaders” 2020

Part I:  ONLINE MODULES (live discussion)

  • PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE:  Meaning & Purpose

  • SOCIETAL PERSPECTIVE:    Connection & Collaboration

  • GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE:       Success & Service

Part II:  OVESEA SUMMIT (Optional)

  • Edinburgh, Scotland 

  • July 27 to August 5 2020 (Subject to HK/UK travel warning)


  • Online:    Ages 13+

  • Summit:   Ages 15 -18

Teaching Team (certificates included):

  • GROWDynamics

  • London Gifted and Talented

  • Edinburgh Business School (summit attendees)

Learning Outcomes:   

  • Leadership skills and mindset

  • Critical thinking skills for IB / A-level / SAT

  • Greater capability and strengths for today's academic pursuit and future career development

In Partnership with:

Supported by:


This is a unique two-part online and offline programme, operated by leading training and educational bodies in Hong Kong and UK to fully prepare students with both mindset and skills for leadership.


All students are encouraged to complete the three online modules to form a strong leadership foundation, with scaffolding of critical thinking and peer learning, followed by an OPTION to attend the overseas summit in Edinburgh, giving them a real sense of history and a direct connection to Adam Smith and his impact to the world.


While this programme is not subject specific, we prepare students to engage in real life issues and a critical case study of Adam Smith.  Based on Smith's remarkable theories in " Theory of Moral Sentiment" and "Wealth of Nations", important themes including leadership, economics, philosophy, and more are covered for students to develop and articulate heir visions and insight in essays writing, extended projects, personal statement, etc for IGCSE, IB, A-level, SAT, higher education and also equip them with soft skills for future career development.  Certificates will be issued to recognise students in this  unique programme.

Programme Structure

Summit (Optional)

10 days in Edinburgh

   Critical Thinking

Master Class  

   Adam Smith's

 "Theory of Moral Sentiment"

"Wealth of Nations"




Award Ceremony

Online Module 1

Personal Perspective

Online 9 hours

Online Module 2 

Societal Perspective

Online 9 hours

Societal Perspective

Online 9 hours

Societal Perspective

Online 9 hours

Online Module 3

Global Perspective

Online 9 hours

More about Panmure House

Adam Smith is a giant of intellectual thought. A key figure of the Scottish Enlightenment and the author of two of the most important books ever written on economics and moral philosophy, he deserves his place in the pantheon.


With Panmure House we have a unique opportunity to come and listen to current theories and engage with the leading figures in the fields of economics, social sciences and moral philosophies. New ideas will flow through these walls as surely as they did in Smith’s day. 

(Subject to change)

AV Radhakrishnan
HR Head, a Global Consulting Firm