Online Module I:

Personal Perspective Synopsis


  • My World

  • Fame and Wealth

  • Journey of a Hero

From self-discovery to self-introduction, have you considered how to present our home to appropriately reveal our root, culture and identity?  Does our original background dictate our identity and self-awareness?  As we journey in school and toward future career, is our hard work making us a smarter, wealthier and/or better person?  What are social consciousness and social mobility?  How do we articulate our journey to reveal who we are and keep a calm posture in front of those who assess us?

Literary materials used:  Insight, Great Expectation, Titanic, Shackleton’s Return and various articles from contemporary authors and critics

Programme length:  9 hours

Delivery:  6 x 1.5/hour (online live classroom)

  • 9th - 14th March 2020 ( 6 daily sessions) OR

  • Other time slots on application

Programme fee:  HK$4,950

(Subject to change)

AV Radhakrishnan
HR Head, a Global Consulting Firm