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Content Language Integrated Learning:

The ability to communicate across cultures in other languages is an important skill for global citizens.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an effective way to help learners become proficient language users, while they learn the content of other learning areas.

Source:  Queensland  Department of Education, 2018

Language is key to storytelling and presentations.  It helps us create connections when we strive to engage with the world, with each other and connect to culture.

Our way of learning a second language might have been recall-based for accuracy,  CLIL helps us express, communicate with fluency and confidence.  Many overseas Chinese learn Chinese from TVB dramas; many local Chinese learn English through songs.  We offer CLIL with our media content strategy for participants  to use language to learn, to capture how stories are told, and form their personal and organisational stories to connect and influence in an international environment. 

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