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[Soft Skills] How Should You Develop Soft Skills? 

Today, businesses are moving toward the direction of double or triple bottom-line, which includes measuring its environmental, social and governance, as well as diversity and inclusion performance, to stay relevant amid a rapidly changing and challenging marketplace.  As such, there is an increasing emphasis on soft skills. . . read more

Source:  APlus Magazine, by Jannie Tam, GROWDynamics

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[ESG] The Hutton Series on Climate Change

James Hutton, the father of modern geology, was the executor of Adam Smith’s will and a frequent visitor to Panmure House.   The Hutton Series on Climate Change brings together a diverse cross-section of experts, business leaders, scientists, and concerned citizens in the service of one simple aim:

to identify ten key priorities, innovations & actions to mitigate the climate crisis. . . read more

Source:  Adam Smith's Panmure House

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[ESG] Business challenges in leading ESG

ESG (environmental, social and governance) disclosures are key to attracting investors, while also serve as an impetus for companies to improve their operations, and benefit society.  What are the challenges when executing these initiatives?. . . read more

Source:  APlus Magazine

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[ESG] How to apply ethical leadership in ESG

In today's world, we need a shift of mindset and behaviours to find opportunities for co-created value.  Establishing the ethical position, communicating values and standards, motivating others, monitoring ethical performance and ensuring continuity are the engine room that powers the ESG value creation. . . read more 

Source:  APlus Magazine by Jannie Tam, GROWDynamics

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[ESG] Managing cross-border social vs. corporate responsibilities

In the history of business development, multinational enterprises (MNEs) played a pivotal role in integrating - or segregating - business cultures and social values.  Today, MNEs face many dilemmas between the social and the corporate due to the conflicting demands of stakeholders across several countries . . . read more 

Source:  BDO's APERCU, by Dr. Enoch Hsu, GROWDynamics

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[Gen Z] How Gen Z are shaking up sustainable investing

When it comes to impact investing, the future lies with Millennials and Gen Z.  These two generations will determine whether investments become more ethical and sustainable, or simply pad the pockets of wealthy business people.  To help these new generations change the future for good, it shoudl start with trust, transparency and mutual respect . . read more



[Talent Development] The future of education?  Soft skills, collaboration and responsible leadership

With workplaces and businesses constantly changing, how we educate and train the next wave of business leaders must also change.  Thus, it is critical that how we educate leaders also keeps up so that we can ensure a brighter future for everyone. . . read more

Source:  Forbes


[Talent Development] Self-improvement is free

Want to earn some qualifications but can't afford to do an MBA financially or in terms of time, what are other suitable qualifications good for general management and help to advance myself?. . . read more


Source:  SCMP, by Sidney Yuen, GROWDynamics


[Talent Development] The significance of soft skills development

Hard skills are tangible, however, with soft skills, it is more elusive and involves factor such as teamwork, the ability to adapt and communicate.   In your organisation, strive to include all aspects of communication skills - candor, trust, positive feedback, relationship-building - to create a high-functioning team . . . read more

Source:  Forbes


[Talent development] Moral and Cultural Intelligence in Multiple Intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences has been developing since 1983; Moral and Cultural Intelligence should be included as a new intelligence as we take into account and uniqueness, universality and significance of geographical and cultural factors. . . read more

Source:  Gifted Gateway

Programme director of Adam Smith's Panmure House introduces the Hutton Series on "Climate Change"

Adam Smith's ideas that changed the world -- Hong Kong

Edinburgh Business School's renovation of Panmure House as a global debate and thought centre brings the same commitment as Adam Smith for our future. 

"This is why creativity and empathy will be as important as AI in the jobs of the future." -- World Economic Forum.

What is "Integrated Management" and how important it is for economic, social and ecological challenges?

The reasons that make good business sense to focus on ESG practices as illustrated by industry experts in Hong Kong

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