Our Vision and Mission

Grow in communication, global mindset, commitment and responsibility.

Since our debut in 2015, we are proud to have transformed numerous 

aspiring students in Hong Kong and are working with visionary organisations in Asia. 

Grow to reach the big picture results in our global environment

through humanity and technology.


founding story

Jannie moved to Taiwan from Hong Kong at the age of 11 with other family members scattered in North America and Europe.

Cultural differences and language barrier made her early days a challenge in many aspects.  By God's grace, coupled with much of her determination

and help from teachers and friends

(as we all praise about such friendly people in the Formosa),

she was able to thrive academically, professionally and socially. 

With her persistent efforts to build strong language foundation (from English to Mandarin)

and appreciation of cultural differences,

Jannie was able to master the craft of language and literature,

and became a recording-breaking 8 times 

regional and national champion of speech and debate contests.   

Her language and communication skills,

multi-cultural nature and global mindset 

led her to a fruitful career in the media and edutainment industry

from Taipei back to Hong Kong,

with responsibilities to expand the footprint

of some leading brands in the Asia Pacific region and enrich the lives of many.

Jannie's experience tells her the key ingredients to fulfilling education and career are mainly 

mindset, language, and cultural capital

and they stay true in diversity across time. 

As such, she is committed to advocating literacy and literature

to promote humanity and global mindset

for talent development in contributing to our changing world.

Today, as we are facing unprecedented challenges of all sorts, 

let us do our best to enrich ourselves so as to enrich the world.   

Our Team

A team of multi-cultural talents who are leaders in business, education and community. 

We are committed to building a community of talents that will work towards changing our world

-- the true spirit of global citizenship.

Founder and Senior Director

Jannie Tam

"Content is King"


Jannie is a veteran in media and content industry.  Prior to her planting of GROWHOUSE and GROWDynamcis, she was the General Manager of Australian #1 bookstore chain Dymocks in Hong Kong , a corporate entrepreneur who launched Disney Channel and Yahoo! in Asia as well as Head of Marketing, Warner Bro Home Entertainment and Cartoon Network.

Holding BA English Language and Literature from Soochow University, Taiwan and MBA from Edinburgh Business School. Scotland, Jannie has been a strong advocate of literary and literacy work in the region to build multi-cultural and globalised talents on top of her active community work.  Jannie is a seasoned speaker with media and TV appearance in Greater China and Australia.

(Subject to change)

AV Radhakrishnan
HR Head, a Global Consulting Firm