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Chinese Workshop: "The Importance of CPD and How It Relates to ESG in the UK" 


Parents Group, CPA Australia

Workshop: "Critical Thinking for Study Work and Life" 

A Cross-generational Topic
Critical thinking is for life-time and for all us all. Interesting to see members bringing their teenage child to attend.
The Frontier Is Moving Fast
Entering into a new economic paradigm in our digital age. How does human interact with AI in a meaningful way?
Intro "Future Global Leader" Summit
The student summit this summer "Future Global Leader" for senior teens 15+ was introduced.
Never Too Late to Grow
Important to have a "growth mindset". Never too late to start building our skills although it is better to foster at a younger age. Hence, we had this inter-generational session.

MBA Group, Shanghai University

Bi-lingual Workshop: "Critical Thinking in Innovation" 

An Exhilarating Session
A time to define critical thinking and look at how it changes our perspectives in innovation to make lasting impact. Also, how to find our voice and let it be heard.
Cost or Investment?
Review and reflect in our efforts and time spent to reap benefits and reward for all.
A rewarding collaboration
GROWDynamics, HKMA and Shanghai University.
A group of game changers
These are young leaders from China who are to be future global leaders.

ASA Members, CPA Australia

Workshop: "Identifying and Articulating Your Career Aspiration " 

Our social identity
If we can to be known beyond our CV; if we feel more alive in our work and career...
You talk and I facilitate
I can't tell you what you are but you can
Peer learning
Challenge yourself and each other
A review in LinkedIn
Thank you Eden for your LinkedIn posting. Glad you enjoy and benefit from the session.

With Edinburgh Business School

Workshop: "The Future of AI and Robotics" 

Shaping the Future
Presented by Prof David Lane CBE FREng FRSE, Professor & Founding Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, a joint venture between Heriot-Watt & Edinburgh Universities
Meeting Miro
Elder-care, companion robot Miro moves the frontier of machinery AI
When AI and EI Meet
Emotional intelligence in the face of AI digital age. An interesting topic and meeting.
Scottish Confucius Institute
Meeting Prof Ian Baxter, Director of SCI, a business-focused Confucius Institute in Scotland.
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Adam Smith Panmure House

Founding Project

A Hive for Intellectual Enlightenment

Edinburgh Business School
The mind behind this groundbreaking project
Adam Smith "The Invisible Hand"
His theories of "Wealth of Nations" and "Philosophy of Moral Sentiment" are still influencing today's government, businesses and academia
A Centre for the Most Talented
From PhD research, Nobel Laureate events, special summits to intellectual debates, this place is to nurture more greatest minds to come
Gather for Thoughts and Debate
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