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"The story that we generate and tell ourselves can have huge effects on our behaviours and the results that we create" 

- Alive at Work

Harvard Business Review Press

A growth mindset in leadership

Every one of us can be a leader.  

Our business leadership programmes are designed for:

  • Aspiring managers to develop essential mindset and skills including self-awareness, social awareness and alignment of values and goals to progress to leadership roles

  • Organisational leaders to enhance self-reflection, empathy, charisma and communication excellence leading to intrinsic connections with others and for behavioural changes


These are critical soft skills demanded as companies look for leadership talent working well in this AI digital age.


We help to drive a sustainable future for individuals, organisations and community with emphasis on communication that enhances stakeholder engagement for leadership impact.      


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What will I walk away with?

Kick-start your GROWDynamics learning journey and take away with you a suite of leadership tools.  Progressively, you will embed the following in your leadership development:

  • Access to a wide range of voices to inspire your own mind 

  • Being able to take risks with your authentic self

  • Establishing yourself as an credible communicator, even in English as a second language

  • Aligning your leadership and communication style for more influence and impact

  • Establishing aligned personal and organisational purposes and becoming a catalyst of change 


A new way of learning

To build leadership mindset, we emphasise the importance to internalise concepts with emotional connection and not only to acquire new knowledge.   


Our courses are conducted in small settings with carefully curation of multi-media materials including book extracts, movie clips, videos, articles and news to strengthen language, share perspectives and stimulate vibrant discussion.  You will walk away with your own insight and voices to lead through aligning understanding for collaborative impact.

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Leading Self

Self-development starts with internal / external self-awareness and self-identity


  • Being able to express your authentic self with your background and value

  • Cultivating self-awareness to be more confident and stronger in relationships

  • Demonstrating professional self-awareness to manage change in the workplace

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Your Leadership Journey

Authenticity, vulnerability and integrity built and shared to connect, inspire and lead


  • Articulating how you overcome adversity and build  your leadership attributes

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your role and purpose as a leader to add value to your organisation and community

  • Helping your team to bring out the best of themselves

Many different arms raised up holding co

Valuing Differences In Stakeholders

Embracing diversity and leveraging multiple perspectives for stakeholder engagement


  • Respecting cultural differences and understanding subcultures

  • Appreciating inclusion and diversity among your set of stakeholders; encouraging collective contribution for organisations and community

  • Exercising genuine engagement with stakeholders and balancing ecosystem of priorities 

Partner Business Trust Teamwork Partners

Building And Sustaining Trust

Allowing purpose and ethics be the cornerstone to build trust in the relationship economy


  • Understanding perceptions, reputations and relevance of narratives

  • Aligning personal and organisational goals and aspiration to drive collective purpose

  • Engaging people to take reasonable risks and collaborate based on trust and collective purpose  even during disruption and change

The green figure of a person unites othe

Communicating for Resonance

Resonance causes change


  • Setting purpose-driven goals for communication; tuning the message to the audience

  • Building empathy, relevance and reasoning through stories

  • Crossing the threshold with your audience to adopt perspectives for change

Light Bulb

Fostering Ethical Innovation

Innovative solutions for personal and common good


  • Being able to identify our roles to cultivate an innovative culture

  • Making ethical decisions for new concepts based on honesty, integrity and objectivity

  • Striving for human flourishing in the AI digital age

Crossroad signpost saying this way, that

Navigating Dilemma in Decision Making

Deliberation over moral and legal responsibilities of decision making when data is not the only reason


  • Staying true to the core value that drives reputation, impact and dependency

  • Finding code of ethics:  responsibilities, respect, fairness and honesty

  • Communicating strategic priorities for competing demands for shareholders and stakeholders

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