Why GROWDynamics Programmes?


We are both global and local.  Our global operation came together based on the same ethos of the offerings by respective local programme owners to maximise outcome of our joint programmes collectively.

Media Literacy for storytelling:  

We are both curators and facilitators.  Our strategically selected media materials and literature not only inspire thinking but make emotional connection.  You will be enriched by a variety of well presented books, movie titles, articles, videos, etc in a short period of time to stimulate your own mind and storytelling ability which are pivotal to your leadership outlook.

Content Language Integrated Learning:

Our media content strategy makes our programme an effective Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) opportunity to strengthen communication in a second language.  Our facilitators may use Cantonese or Mandarin as a supplementary  language as required.

Growth Mindset:  

Leadership is a growth mindset.  Everyone can grow to be a leader.  Our pedagogy is a scaffolding strategy to help you open up your mind, eyes and ears step by step to form new thinking and be confident to  share for impact.

Ecosystem for learning:  

The essential soft skills are important to everyone.  We offer programmes for learners of a wide range of ages and intentionally connect them in a meaningful way.  Could you be executives, youth or children, we are on different stages of the same learning journey, and we can all engage with each other for inspiration.