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Why GROWDynamics Programmes?


We are both global and local.  Our global partnership with various organisations and education institutes help us maintain international standard while reflecting the local market trend and learning needs of our more

Media content strategy:  

We are both curators and facilitators.  Our participants benefit from our unique strategy and expertise in using selected media materials and literature to facilitate and inspire thinking and make emotional connection.  We stimulate minds, externalise inner voices and sharpen storytelling ability which are pivotal to leadership sfot more

Content Language Integrated Learning:

Our media content strategy makes our programme an effective Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) tools.  Those who seek to express themselves freely in English as a second language will find themselves hugely improve their English more

Growth mindset:  

Leadership is a growth mindset.  Everyone can grow to be a leader.  We employ a scaffolding strategy to help participants open up for more ideas, thinking, and to share for more

Synergy between education and business:  

The essential soft skills are important to everyone.  We offer programmes for learners of a wide range of ages and connect them to expand learning horizon.  For executives, youth or children, we exercise age appropriate pedagogy and andragogy while focusing on the learning purposes in education and more

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