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Synergy between education and business:

We need to awaken the next generation to understand that we are all change-makers. The nation is not as strong as its government but its next generation.

Nick Vujicic

Our pedagogy for students and andragogy for adult learning both focus on peer learning, purposeful learning and connection of head and heart.   


We bring marketplace perspectives for students to prepare themselves beyond school gates.  raising their career aspiration, offering apprenticeship opportunities as we honour the voice of our young people.


We instil in adult learning the purpose of sustainable change for our world today and for the next generations.   Executives are invited to engage stakeholders of different cultures and age segments including Gen Z in this new and complex era.

We are facilitators to enable full participation and synergy between education and business.  This is now particularly feasible with digital technology to engage people across generations and geographic locations.

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