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Online Module 2:

Leadership Mindset and Skills

(Decision Making and Reasoning)

  • Dilemma, practicality and ethics that leaders face

  • Empathy in business relationship and leadership

  • Reasoning skills to develop personal stance as global leaders


Life is full of dilemma, so is business decision making.  Ethical consideration may not usually be included in business SWOT analysis but is it a factor of strategic advantage profile of socially responsible corporates?   In today’s knowledge economy when skills and mindset are equally valued, and when a young generation of millennials being eager for meaning and connection, how do leaders empathise to engage? Is what we call “post-heroic leadership style” the way to go and how would that affect decision making and reasoning of leaders? What does a shared system of value look like vs. scarcity and competition?


Literary materials use:  Purpose Incorporated, Drive, Matrix, Eudaimonia, The Post-Truth Business, The Theory of Moral Sentiments and more

Programme length:  9 hours

Delivery:  6 x 1.5/hour (online live classroom)

  • Week of  30th March 2020 to 4th May 2020, OR

  • Other time slots on application

Programme fee:  HK$4,950

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