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Online Module 3:

Global Perspective Synopsis

(Success and Service)

  • Navigating Dilemma

  • Human and Robotics

  • Growth, Education and Legacy


As the world keeps changing and advancing in technology, do we really feel that we are living in a better world?  How has our learning profile changed to differentiate human system vs. cyber-physical system and how do they interact to promote happier lives?  Let’s come together to look at historic figures as well as young leaders in recent years and discuss how cross-over concepts, genuine compassion and leadership traits can help lead the world changes with a view to make it a better place. 

Literary materials used:  Spiderman, StarTrek, Goodwill Hunting, Miro Robot, Will Smith and Sophia AI, Malala, Adam Smith and more

Programme length:  9 hours

Delivery:  6 x 1.5/hour (online live classroom)

  • 22nd to 27th June 2020 ( 6 daily sessions) OR

  • Other time slots on application

Programme fee:  HK$4,950

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