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Online Module 2:

Societal Perspective Synopsis


  • Our Cultures

  • Friendship and Dreams

  • Telling Our Stories


Do you often meet people from very different cultural background and find it hard to relate with them?   How many subcultures and third culture are you facing?  How do you appreciate differences and find common ground?  Is it possible to include friendship in competitiveness?  In today’s complex society, we may feel being constantly scrutinised; how do we break the wall to engage with others?

Literary materials used:  The Arrival, Cloudbusting, Hunger Games, Anne Frank, The Truman Show, Before the Flood and more

Programme length:  9 hours

Delivery:  6 x 1.5/hour (online live classroom)

  • 13th - 18th April 2020 ( 6 daily sessions) OR

  • Other time slots on application

Programme fee:  HK$4,950

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