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Where We Started

  • Since 2015, we have worked with London Gifted and Talented to offer critical reading and thinking programmes for students aged 4 to 16.  Worked with students from retail and organisations including the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.

Where We Are Now

  • Extend to corporate executives and evolve from traditional retail to savvy O2O (offline and online).  Special partnership with Edinburgh Business School for Adam Smith, Panmure House project to accelerate talent development programme emphasising essential soft skills for leadership.

Where We Are Going

  • Enable community sharing of experiences and creativity to help facilitate our core programme among like-minded learners of different ages, using a seamless O2O technology platform to bring the world closer for global talents.

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Current Programme Offerings

Accelerated by COVID-19 pandemic, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) are coming to the fore for businesses to create sustainable principles for a new global market.  

To support these priorities, our programme serves to build new ESG mindset, strengthen ability to articulate ESG essentials and optimise collaboration for value creation.

Our unique gifted education approach uses extensive media materials to illuminate minds and strengthen essential soft skills.   From mindset to skillset, we focus on:

  • Critical thinking 

  • Cultural understanding 

  • Communication

  • Collaboration 

Essentially, youth and kids programmes are also available for aspiring young people; they must be at the heart of the Covid-19 recovery.

Leadership is a growth mindset, and we are here to help.

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"In  these unprecedented times learning and development have never been so important which is why I commend  GROWDynamics and its commitment to delivering a programme which builds human, cultural and social capital; all of which are pivotal attributes of leadership.  With irrevocable changes being made to the work environment through Covid-19 we need to look beyond cognitive talent to emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, which is at the core of GROWDynamics.  I am also delighted that GROWDynamics is partnering with us on the Adam Smith Panmure House project bringing talent enlightenment to a new level."

Professor Heather McGregor


Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School




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