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Age 5-6

  • Close observation

  • Critical reading

  • Consequence-based thinking

  • Creativity


Age 7-8

  • Critical questioning

  • Logical deduction

  • Creative writing

  • Problem-solving and real-world contexts


Age 9-10

  • Effective communication skills

  • Deeper empathy

  • Critical thinking through problem solving

  • Extended creative writing and analysis


Age 11+

  • Improving questioning and analysis skills

  • Expanding creativity

  • Applying empathy to real-world issues

  • Improving inter-personal skills

  • Learning how to develop and defend opions

Learning Journey

Theme-based Units

Age 5 - 11+

  • Develop lateral skills for academic excellence through a variety of thematic modules

  • Employ wide-range of multi-media materials to stimulate critical thinking, analysis and expressions

  • Communication and persuasion for leadership

  • Instill humanity insight in math and science experiential project (STEM + SOCIAL SCIENCE)

Assessment:  "Learning Disposition" and "Communication" based on UK National Curriculum standard

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