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Business leadership courses


Course 5:  Communicating for Resonance

Resonance causes change


  • Building relationship with the audience

  • Capturing the art of storytelling

  • Helping leaders connect, convince and change people with his words

Who should attend?

Anyone who seek to build relationship through formal and/or informal communications.  Those who give presentations including entrepreneurs, executives and management will also greatly benefit from this course.

Course Content:​​​​

  1. Formal and Informal Communications

  2. Trick of the Trade:  the Contour of Storytelling

  3. Appeal to Emotion:  Hearts speak to hearts


  • Setting purpose-driven goals for communications; tuning the message to the audience

  • Building empathy, relevance and reasoning through stories

  • Crossing the threshold with your audience to adopt perspectives for change

Certificate and CPD:

Certification of Completion in digital batch format will be awarded for full course attendance.  You may be able to claim CPD hours for your membership at professional bodies.


Duration:                 6 hours (3 sessions x 2 hours)

Venue:                      Live -online

Class size:                6 - 10 pax

Language:               English (supplemented by Cantonese or Mandarin, as required)

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