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What Your Teens Should Be Doing This Summer

[Join the group and make life-long friends: It'll be a life changing experience]

A new summer program is perfect for Hong Kong teenagers

PARENTS: KNOW ANY HONG KONGERS with teenage children 15 and up? They should consider grabbing one of the few slots left on an amazing UK summer program that’s been designed with Hong Kong youngsters in mind.

It’s a great opportunity for the kids to have fun, make new friends of the best sort - and get a good career boost too!

The cool thing is that it is in Edinburgh, in an amazing building listed as “the birthplace of capitalism”, no less!

[Picture shows nearby Edinburgh Castle: the course partly takes place in the historical Panmure House]


The Student Summit is a two-part program. The first part is a nine-hour prep course in Hong Kong. It’s easy and fun, part live and part online, and your youngster can do over several days: no pressure, but a good mind-stretching exercise.

The course has been designed to benefit Hong Kong young people

[The course has been designed to benefit Hong Kong young people]


Why is it perfect for Hong Kong students? It’s a fun program for teenagers, yet it has been designed for seriously ambitious youngsters who are going to be natural leaders—and good with money.

Here are four reasons to get this done:

  1. It’s easy to sign up—and there are a few slots left at the time of writing this.

  2. The organizers are four famous names in education, so it’s a world-class operation: GROWDynamics , London Gifted and Talented, Edinburgh Business School, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

  3. It's brilliant value. It's basically the airfare plus HK$44,500 to cover tuition, full board and accommodation, ground transport and so on. It's an investment in your child's future.

[Adam Smith, Father of Capitalism]


Birthplace of capitalism? Yes, that’s what we said.

The course takes place in the home of Adam Smith -- the guy who more or less invented the modern, free market system in the 1700s and Edinburgh Business School on the idyllic Riccarton Estate, Scotland.

He became “the god of economics” and every business school in the world teaches his book as the foundation stone of capitalism.

You can see why people say it’s perfect for Hong Kong youngsters!

[It includes leadership training and critical thinking skills useful for IB, A-levels and SAT]


The theme is “Future Global Leaders” and the course focuses on some cleverly targeted topics.

As well as leadership skills, there’s a lot of emphasis on developing critical thinking skills, so it’s incredibly helpful for young people doing IB, A-levels or SAT.

It’s also going to be a really special experience to add to a resume, or write about for a personal essay for university entrance.

Downsides? Some teenagers can be a bit nervous about heading off to a summer school—but if you’re a parent you know how it works. They’re reluctant to go—and then they have so much fun they’re sad when it’s over!

For parents who want to spend a summer there (it's actually Edinburgh Festival season so there's a lot of entertainment going on), organizers welcome family members to join the final few days of the program to look at their children's achievements


But you’d be wise to move quickly. There’s a limited number of places in the program. You can get a brochure and get your youngster on the course very easily. Just follow the links below -

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