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For Corporates and Executives

Organisational leaders and high potential employees look to be invested 
in mastering critical insight, empathy, cultural capital and communication. 

These are crucial to success especially when technology has transformed the way business is run. 

GROWDynamics combines professional insights and carefully crafted media content
to complement the technical side of training
with thought-provoking engagement.

It is to transform mindset and promote excellence for
 lasting changes in organisational behaviour.

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Professor Heather McGregor
Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School

" I am delighted to commend GROWDynamics for its unique programme in building human, cultural and social capital which are pivotal attributes of leadership. In anticipation of the Fourth Industrial revolution, we need to look beyond cognitive talent to emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. I am encouraged that this is the core of the GROWDynamics programme as I believe it represents the future of learning. I am also very pleased that GROWDynamics are partnering with us on the Adam Smith Panmure House project for their senior students and bring talent enlightenment to a new level. "

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